Meal Preparation


Your Post Partum Doula will gladly shop for and prepare healthy meals for you and your family.  Just provide a list of ingredients and the appropriate funds and forget about the rest!  Your PPD will also make meal suggestions and share recipes based on the needs of your family.

Light Housekeeping


Your Post Partum Doula is not in your home to scrub floors, do yard work, care for pets, dust or clean toilets.  Rather, she is there to assist with laundry, dishes, bed making, nursery organization,  etc...

"Mothering The Mother"


Not too long ago, women had a network of female friends and family as support. Nowadays, it's not so simple. Work opportunities, a new move, or hectic schedules often prevent this support 

from happening. A PPD will listen without judgment, gently guide, answer questions and educate the new mother to allow her to discover her confidence and strength!